keep your restaurant menus fresh...
get more customers.
Forget making customers download your pdf menu.
Farbly lets you easily put together elegant menus optimized for search engines and mobile devices.
Just copy and paste one line of code. That's it.
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How it works
Design & update your menu
Farbly has a super easy to use drag and drop design interface.
Farbly does its magic
Our software stores, translates, and optimizes everything you design.
Customers get it
Anybody can view your menus online:
fast response, instant updates,
& no downloading.
Customers see only the freshest content.
Just copy and paste one line of code once, wherever you want to display your menu.
Everytime you update your menu, your site is instantly updated.
Farbly is better
For your designer
Drag & drop designing No code is needed to create or modify your menus. Everything is done visually and instantly. You can change fonts, colors, styles, and backgrounds with one click.
We can help you If you have any problems with the design interface, we have a built in interactive tutorial and FAQs. We are also available to help you with making sure things display how you want in your website.
It's cheap as heck Just $25 per month. How does that compare to anything else you're using to help your website or business in general?
For your website
One line of code All you need to display your menu on your website is one small line of code that you can easily copy and paste.
Instant updates All of the changes you make to your menu are automatically saved. And when you Publish your menu, everything is automatically changed on your site. There is no cache, so customers will never see old content.
Search engine optimized The data you provide about your business is automatically converted to perfect Schema.Org JSON-LD snippets used invisibly in your menu. Google uses this data for search, and yours will be optimized for the highest rankings.
For your customers
No PDF downloading Downloading PDF menus is really annoying: especially when mobile. In the time that it takes for your customer to click several times and download, they could have already viewed your Farbly generated menu.
Super easy to read We make your menus easy to scroll through, have clear text and a design heirarchy that makes them easy to read and highly effective.
Ideal for mobile We use dynamically changing CSS rules to make sure that your menus display properly on every device.
Want to see what a basic Farbly menu looks like?

is a subscription service
When you sign up you get:
Unlimited categories and items Each menu can have unlimited categories (like Appetizers, Salads, etc) and each category can have unlimited number of items with title, description, and pricing details for each one.
Up to 3 different menus If you have more than one restaurant or several menus (like Spring, Summer, etc), you can create and save up to 3 different menus.
Full mobile integration Farbly menus scale perfectly for mobile and are easy to read, fast to load, and fun to use.
Unlimited linking Anywhere you copy and paste your one line of code, you can display the menus you create on Farbly. You can also limit which sites can display your menus if that is a security or trademark concern for you.
Search engine optimization Based on your input, Farbly menus create snippets of information according to Google's search standards to make sure that you get the most accurate search results and higher rankings.
Real live help We will help you integrate the menu you create onto your websie. It is pretty easy to do it: you only need one line of code. But if you run into problems, we will make sure everything works.
with a bunch of features
and a bunch more coming
We are also working toward:
Item tagging Like Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, etc tagged to any item
Detailed statistics Stats like views, regions, referrals, down to the item level.
Limited Manager accounts Open free accounts for different managers with limited change authority.
Online ordering Let customers order and pay for items directly from your menu.
Cooperative advertising Get paid for hosting small ads on your menu, completely optional of course.
In-house printing and design Use the Farbly menu data to print your in-house menus with your own design.
Linking to your POS Link sales data between your current POS and Farbly's data.
And whatever you need Let us know what you're looking for and we can probably add it as a feature.
all for just $ 25 per month
It's free for 30 days so...